Hope & Fear

“The problem with hope is that it is a cover for fear.” When I first encountered this line in Steps to Knowledge by Marshall Vian Summers I was struck by the honesty of it and how contrary it is to how we typically hold hope as a very positive and desirable mental state. Hope is often held as the light at the end of the tunnel but is it really?

We’re aware of the problem of being in a state of fear – the anxiety and warped thinking it generates, the mental and emotional anguish, the irrational and destructive behavior that can ensue. Yet many of us clamor to get to a state of hope because it represents the possibility of something better. Yet hope is a response to fear and as such it keeps us mentally tied to fear, trying to hide it or hide from it.

Fear is like prison bars around the mind and hope is like lovely wallpaper we hang on those bars. It might make us feel better to be looking at wallpaper pictures of roses but when we’re in a state of hope we’re still mentally trapped in a prison of fear but now have hidden the prison bars from our view. It may look nice but really its a step back from escaping the prison of fear because now we don’t recognize the prison bars behind the pretty paper we’ve hung up in our minds.

So what’s the alternative to the fear hope mental state? Accessing the Knowing Mind or Knowledge – the deeper mind within that is not swayed by fear or preference. Many spiritual traditions speak to this inner knowing mind or mental state and there are many pathways to accessing it and being aligned with Knowledge as a way of being in the world. Yet Steps to Knowledge offers a direct and accessible pathway to cultivating awareness of this Knowing Mind and proves simple steps to walk away from the prison of fear into the light of true mental freedom.


The Roots of Violence

Violence leads to more violence. We see this everyday all around the world. Hate leads to violence. We recognize this in the communication of those who engage in violence publicly. Yet the roots of violence go deeper.

Digging deep for the roots of violence takes us into the soil of emotions and mind. From this place we can uncover opportunity for a new approach to healing violence. My engagement with the Steps to Knowledge, a pathway that teaches how to engage the deeper mind that knows with the social mind that thinks, has led to me a greater understanding of the violence underway in the world.

Following violence down to its source we can see certain patterns and trajectories. Violence leads to more violence. Hate leads to violence. Anger leads to hate. Fear leads to anger. The roots of violence grow in the soil of fear.

People are scared. There is much to fear. The world is changing and there is tremendous loss and uncertainty. Great Waves of Change are moving through the world. Waves of political upheaval and economic decline, waves of environmental devastation and human migration. Waves of fear in the face of these great changes shape the mental environment: the landscapes in which we think, feel, communicate and see. Under the influence of fear our ability to engage in these fundamental activities is heavily influenced and greatly diminished.

There is an opportunity for a new approach to violence when we recognize its tie to fear. We respond to fearful people differently than we react to angry, hateful or violent actions. When we come from a different state of mind that is not driven by fear we can recognize a fear-based reaction in a hateful or angry person and are free to look with compassion, set aside condemnation and respond with clarity. This does not excuse violence, it just returns us to our roots.

Once we recognize fear as the root of violence we can respond from a deeper mind that is not reactionary and fearful but is gracious, effective and clear.

To end violence we must recognize its root in fear and then apply the antidote to fear.

There is an antidote to fear and it is fully developed and readily available. It lives in a different part of the mind. The knowing mind or Knowledge, as it is called in the New Message from God, can tell the difference between perceived fear and actual danger, thereby leaving us free to respond appropriately. The knowing mind can respond to violence, hate, anger and fear in a way that generates positive results and a calming of fear in others while extending that fearless presence out into the world. This is not a denial of fear but a shifting to a different point of awareness, an inner place that is still and objective. This is possible. This is necessary. This is available in taking the Steps to Knowledge.



The Greatest Power

It is often said that love is the greatest power. But what is love? Surely love is not the romantic notions of culture and prose, for there is little power in fantasy. Some claim the love of God is the greatest power and surely this has saved countless lives of those who have been able to open their hearts and minds to accept the love of the Creator.

Yet there is a power greater still. That greater power is the love we each have for God. As yet we are afraid of it, if we are aware of it at all. For so great is the power of our love for God that it can move the world.

May we each find this power, feel this love and let it shape us as we are designed. Each uniquely equipped to contribute a specific and necessary gift to this world in great need of gifts, of power, of love.

Inspired by Step 127 in Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers

Feeling Dirty on the Inside

There are many people in the world today who feel dirty on the inside. This is a core experience of sexual assault and other related trauma. There are women who have endured this, and men. There are girls who have had these encounters, and boys. These traumas have been at the hands of our fellow humans; and for some of us – hundreds of thousands of us – such trauma has been conducted by non-humans – by extra-terrestrials.

It is hard to believe. Yet it is not a belief. There are extra-terrestrial races intervening in the world today that are abducting people and subjecting them to traumatic procedures. This has been my experience. Perhaps it has been yours as well. Or the experience of someone you know.

Such encounters are hard to talk about. Yet, talking about our experience is what aids in healing trauma. It is the path to becoming whole and free. Free within ourselves and free from the forces that keep us bound and silenced.

This path to freedom includes facing ourselves, our past and what is happening in the world today. The path to freedom requires finding the voice to speak – even to those who cannot believe what we have to say. The freedom path includes a spiritual practice that reunites us with the deepest truth within – that place that is of God and can never be tarnished or damaged. For me, this path to healing has been The New Message from God.

It is my wish to enable all those who can hear to become aware of the extra-terrestrial agenda, its impact on people everywhere, and the revelation from God that addresses this reality.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

“All that you give will continue to be given by those who receive your gift, and your gifts will continue to resonate through minds everywhere in the mental environment.” Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume 2, by Marshall Vian Summers.

I was recently rereading one of my favorite books when I came across this quote and was reminded of a meal I had with a woman named Mary Zinn. Over a decade ago Mary Zinn met me for dinner and walked into the restaurant with a dozen roses in her arms. She said she had just come from helping a friend who thanked her with the gift of a bouquet. She was in a hurry to meet me and didn’t have to time take her roses home and it was chilly so she didn’t want to risk leaving them in the car. The waiter brought a pitcher for them to sit in water at our table.

At the end of the meal Mary hugged me and handed me half the bouquet. She was sharing her gift. I was so touched by her giving that I brought my half dozen roses with me to see a friend later that evening. As it was time for us to part I hugged my friend and gave her half of my bouquet and told her the story of Mary Zinn’s giving. Weeks later I encountered that friend again who shared that she was so touched by my giving and the story of Mary Zinn’s giving that she too shared the roses I had gifted to her. She had only three roses so half was not an obvious calculation. She told me she shared the story of her roses with another friend and gifted two of her three roses so that person could also participate in the giving.

I hope I’ve remembered to tell Mary Zinn of the giving that came of her gift, but I don’t recall if I shared it with her or not. Perhaps she’ll read it here through the magic of Facebook. It really is true that our gifts continue to give, and the greatest giving is through the resonating of minds everywhere.
www.newmessage.org home of the gift of Marshall Vian Summers

The Freedom of No Choice

As ironic as it may sound, the greatest freedom is in finding the truth that there is no choice. We live in a world of a million choices: what to eat, what to wear, what career path to take, who to be with, how to spend our time. Our culture says more choices equal more freedom. Yet it is evident that many choices bogs the mind and steals time that could be contributed in other ways.

What is real freedom? Is it being free to do or say whatever you choose? This often leads to chaos. There is a different kind of freedom, a freedom that is deep and true. It is the freedom of no choice. This freedom can only be known.

We live life at two levels, the level at which we think and the level at which we know. Many choices exist in our thinking. The freedom of no choice can only be found by engaging the deeper mind, the knowing mind, the still small voice within, the part of us that is connected with life.

This knowing mind can be accessed when we are connected to our inner life. It is there that we can find the deeper experience of knowing and access true freedom. For when we truly know something there is no need to choose. It is simply known. It can be known without understanding and beyond preference, fear or belief.

This knowing mind is accessed through inner stillness. By allowing the mind to settle and sink below the thoughts that reside at the surface we enter a spacious state of inner peace. It is here that we can access the knowing mind and find the freedom of no choice.

Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers provides a pathway to accessing this inner knowing and cultivating true freedom. http://stepstoknowledge.com/

Facing the World

Part of my spiritual growth is learning to face the world as it is, and not as I wish it to be. This has been a harrowing process. I am grateful for the companions in my life who support me as I come to terms with what is true in the world. These include some great relationships and some great books.

The truth is, life is much bigger than I had ever believed. The more I look with objective awareness and a willingness to see beyond my fears and preferences the more I am able to face the truth of the world’s predicament. The world is part of a larger reality in a universe beyond anything I can comprehend. But I can know that the universe is a living reality filled with life, not just a blanket of empty stars.  And engaging with this reality is not just an exercise in intellectual contemplation, but a vital and necessary component of being in the world today. For the life that exists in the universe is real.  And it is not all human. But it is here. And it is influencing humans. And that influence is not to our benefit.

The truth is, there is an extraterrestrial presence in the world today and it is here for devious, self-serving purposes. This can be known. It needs to be known. It is part of facing the world. Will you face the world with me?


Perfect Happiness

Marshall Vian Summers wrote a beautiful song entitled “God’s Will for Me is Perfect Happiness.” He sings it in churches and sanctuaries around the world. He has shared that people approach him and argue with the message, claiming that God’s will is less benevolent. Happiness seems to have no place in a worldview where sin, punishment, damnation and the need for repentance dominate our theological commons. We are shaped by the myth of an angry God. Yet when we step outside of our beliefs and enter the experience of God we enter a state of happiness.

When we think of happiness we tend to imagine pleasant encounters that take us out of our lives and away from the world around us. Happiness is often associated with escaping reality. Yet this is not the experience of happiness. For true happiness is the experience of being with life. Whenever we are truly being with anyone or anything we enter the experience of being with God.

This state of perfect happiness need not be reserved for formal spiritual experience. It is available every moment. “Whatever genuine pleasure you derive from any person, any place or any object is because you are experiencing God.”1 The degree to which we can experience happiness, affinity, love and fulfillment is a reflection of our ability to experience our relationship with God.

Our relationship with God is distinct from what we think about God. Our ability to access our relationship with God is shaped, and sadly can be hindered, by our thoughts about God. Releasing these negative associations takes work. We must work our way out of the desire to be separate. We must relinquish the desire to find a dark place to hide. We must cultivate the desire and capacity to experience love and inclusion. The result is a pure experience of God. The sense of fulfillment and happiness this produces is unmatched by worldly pleasures. The experience of perfect happiness awaits us, may we do our work.

1.       Quote from Relationships and Higher Purpose, by Marshall Vian Summers. This teaching and more available at www.newmessage.org

Ending Separation

There is a great longing in the world. It is a longing for connection, for recognition, for wholeness; a deep desire for meaning, purpose and direction. It is a longing for relationship. Part of the human experience is feeling separate – alienated and disconnected – from life, from ourselves, from others and ultimately from God. This experience of separation is painful, and it lies at the root of much suffering in the world. As much as we want the experience of separation to end we are ambivalent about what this may require.

There are only a few options to cope with the experience of separation. We can seek to avoid our deeper experience and bury ourselves in busyness, filling our lives with relationships with people, places and things which do not represent our greater relationships or true needs. We can fall into depression and self-worthlessness, thinking we are somehow flawed and unable to have the experience of relationship we deeply long for. We can deny our desire to connect and lash out in anger at those who let us down or reject us. Or we can address the root cause of separation.

When we are operating out of blame, shame or judgment we lose access to the profound awareness of our total inclusion in life. When we engage in resentment, grievance, contempt or self-pity we take ourselves away from total relationship. As this is happening we do not see that it is we who are taking ourselves out of relationship. We do not see that it is our thoughts and behavior, our attitudes and beliefs that are creating the separation. As we see the source of our separation in our thinking we can choose again.  We can choose to see ourselves as lovable and loved, as connected and valued. As we open our minds to end separation in our thinking we reclaim our relationship with God. In essence this is what spirituality is for.

When we become free of the constraints of our surface mind – the mind that thinks and fears, imagines and projects, we can access the deeper mind – the Universal Mind, the mind that knows. This is where all separation ends, for relationship can only be known. God can only be known. The experience of God is the experience of total relationship. This is God’s Will for everyone. The New Message from God offers a pathway to ending separation and reclaiming relationship. www.newmessage.org

Hell is a Hole. Heaven Sent a Ladder.

There is a billboard near where I live that asks: “Where are you going, Heaven or Hell?” The answer is clear. Hell, as a place of eternal damnation, is a fabrication intended to control through fear. This is obvious to anyone who is willing to step out of the darkness of fear and into the light of their deeper experience. A more reflective understanding is that Hell is a hole. It feels like being trapped in a dark hole all alone and unable to find your way out. While it is possible to feel all alone, it is not actually possibility to be all alone. Life is all around you. You cannot escape this, except to enter the darkness of imagination which can be very persuasive. Discovering this great truth can free your mind from the experience of Hell that is so prevalent in this world. Yet it takes more than just a moment of realization to truly be free from the Hell hole experience. It takes receiving a gift from Heaven.

Hell exists in our imagination. Heaven is real. It is not what you see when you look up. That is the sky and the universe beyond. What Heaven looks like really isn’t relevant. What it feels like is what will help you in life. It feels like love and total inclusion. You gain access to this through following what you deeply know.

There is a part of you that can truly know. This is distinct from thinking, feeling, wanting or fearing. This part of you that can truly know is called Knowledge, in the New Message from God. Other traditions call it gnosis, the deeper mind, the still small voice within. It is God’s gift to you.

You lose access to Heaven when you are in the dark hole of imagination. You must climb out. When you are in a hole you climb out with a ladder. Heaven has sent a ladder. The ladder has steps, steps you take to climb out of the hole. The steps are contained in Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers. Take the steps to Knowledge. http://www.stepstoknowledge.com