If God Spoke in the Past, Why Not Now?

This question has perplexed me for decades, and no doubt countless others who take seriously the existence of God and the reality that God has spoken to humanity to deliver vital teachings in the past. If God sent Moses and Jesus to deliver pertinent messages to a struggling humanity thousands of years ago why wouldn’t God speak now? Surely if God was willing to speak to the plight of the enslaved Israelites and the social chaos during the time of Jesus, then God would have a message for our current situation of climate change, resource depletion, global economic instability, and the ever increasing threat of war.

For years I sat with a growing awareness of the predicament of the planet and this question of why wouldn’t God speak to us now. I went through phases of being angry with God and being angry with people until I read a book that gave me a new perspective. That book was the Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers.  It spoke directly to my concerns about the world and my questions about God.

This book claims to be part of a new message from God. At first I was shocked, then disbelief and skepticism kicked in, until finally I was able to approach it with an open mind and an honest heart. I was able to drop into a space where I could feel the message of this book with the part of my mind that never left God. From that place of deep inner knowing I was able to recognize that this indeed is a message from the creator of all life, and it has come just in time.

In taking seriously the message of this teaching I realized that my prayers had been answered- God has spoken again with a message specifically addressing the needs of our times. I was expecting to be relieved that my prayers had been answered, and yet I found that my initial question had been replaced with more questions: now what? what will people think?

Over time the answer to “now what?” has come. It’s as simple as breathe in, breathe out. I take in this New Message from God – I take it in to the very depth of my being, I study it, I spend time in stillness, I let it touch me; and then I take it out – I allow the message of this teaching from God to move through me in the world, I share what I have received so that others may find it for themselves. No need for pressure, no need to succumb to fear. Those who are meant to find this message from God can find it through me, but only if I am willing to share it.

Regarding the question “what will people think?” I still don’t know. What do you think? Could God speak to the world now? If God spoke again, would you listen?


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  1. 2choose

    Yes! Exactly what I used to feel, and once prayed, desperately, “Hey, God, isn’t it time for another Jesus?” It felt like a sacrilege.

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