Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Perfect Happiness

Marshall Vian Summers wrote a beautiful song entitled “God’s Will for Me is Perfect Happiness.” He sings it in churches and sanctuaries around the world. He has shared that people approach him and argue with the message, claiming that God’s will is less benevolent. Happiness seems to have no place in a worldview where sin, …

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Ending Separation

There is a great longing in the world. It is a longing for connection, for recognition, for wholeness; a deep desire for meaning, purpose and direction. It is a longing for relationship. Part of the human experience is feeling separate – alienated and disconnected – from life, from ourselves, from others and ultimately from God. …

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Hell is a Hole. Heaven Sent a Ladder.

There is a billboard near where I live that asks: “Where are you going, Heaven or Hell?” The answer is clear. Hell, as a place of eternal damnation, is a fabrication intended to control through fear. This is obvious to anyone who is willing to step out of the darkness of fear and into the …

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