Ending Separation

There is a great longing in the world. It is a longing for connection, for recognition, for wholeness; a deep desire for meaning, purpose and direction. It is a longing for relationship. Part of the human experience is feeling separate – alienated and disconnected – from life, from ourselves, from others and ultimately from God. This experience of separation is painful, and it lies at the root of much suffering in the world. As much as we want the experience of separation to end we are ambivalent about what this may require.

There are only a few options to cope with the experience of separation. We can seek to avoid our deeper experience and bury ourselves in busyness, filling our lives with relationships with people, places and things which do not represent our greater relationships or true needs. We can fall into depression and self-worthlessness, thinking we are somehow flawed and unable to have the experience of relationship we deeply long for. We can deny our desire to connect and lash out in anger at those who let us down or reject us. Or we can address the root cause of separation.

When we are operating out of blame, shame or judgment we lose access to the profound awareness of our total inclusion in life. When we engage in resentment, grievance, contempt or self-pity we take ourselves away from total relationship. As this is happening we do not see that it is we who are taking ourselves out of relationship. We do not see that it is our thoughts and behavior, our attitudes and beliefs that are creating the separation. As we see the source of our separation in our thinking we can choose again.  We can choose to see ourselves as lovable and loved, as connected and valued. As we open our minds to end separation in our thinking we reclaim our relationship with God. In essence this is what spirituality is for.

When we become free of the constraints of our surface mind – the mind that thinks and fears, imagines and projects, we can access the deeper mind – the Universal Mind, the mind that knows. This is where all separation ends, for relationship can only be known. God can only be known. The experience of God is the experience of total relationship. This is God’s Will for everyone. The New Message from God offers a pathway to ending separation and reclaiming relationship. www.newmessage.org


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