Facing the World

Part of my spiritual growth is learning to face the world as it is, and not as I wish it to be. This has been a harrowing process. I am grateful for the companions in my life who support me as I come to terms with what is true in the world. These include some great relationships and some great books.

The truth is, life is much bigger than I had ever believed. The more I look with objective awareness and a willingness to see beyond my fears and preferences the more I am able to face the truth of the world’s predicament. The world is part of a larger reality in a universe beyond anything I can comprehend. But I can know that the universe is a living reality filled with life, not just a blanket of empty stars.  And engaging with this reality is not just an exercise in intellectual contemplation, but a vital and necessary component of being in the world today. For the life that exists in the universe is real.  And it is not all human. But it is here. And it is influencing humans. And that influence is not to our benefit.

The truth is, there is an extraterrestrial presence in the world today and it is here for devious, self-serving purposes. This can be known. It needs to be known. It is part of facing the world. Will you face the world with me?


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  1. dominicb25

    Good post. Facing the world isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

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