The Freedom of No Choice

As ironic as it may sound, the greatest freedom is in finding the truth that there is no choice. We live in a world of a million choices: what to eat, what to wear, what career path to take, who to be with, how to spend our time. Our culture says more choices equal more freedom. Yet it is evident that many choices bogs the mind and steals time that could be contributed in other ways.

What is real freedom? Is it being free to do or say whatever you choose? This often leads to chaos. There is a different kind of freedom, a freedom that is deep and true. It is the freedom of no choice. This freedom can only be known.

We live life at two levels, the level at which we think and the level at which we know. Many choices exist in our thinking. The freedom of no choice can only be found by engaging the deeper mind, the knowing mind, the still small voice within, the part of us that is connected with life.

This knowing mind can be accessed when we are connected to our inner life. It is there that we can find the deeper experience of knowing and access true freedom. For when we truly know something there is no need to choose. It is simply known. It can be known without understanding and beyond preference, fear or belief.

This knowing mind is accessed through inner stillness. By allowing the mind to settle and sink below the thoughts that reside at the surface we enter a spacious state of inner peace. It is here that we can access the knowing mind and find the freedom of no choice.

Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers provides a pathway to accessing this inner knowing and cultivating true freedom.


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