The Gift that Keeps on Giving

“All that you give will continue to be given by those who receive your gift, and your gifts will continue to resonate through minds everywhere in the mental environment.” Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume 2, by Marshall Vian Summers.

I was recently rereading one of my favorite books when I came across this quote and was reminded of a meal I had with a woman named Mary Zinn. Over a decade ago Mary Zinn met me for dinner and walked into the restaurant with a dozen roses in her arms. She said she had just come from helping a friend who thanked her with the gift of a bouquet. She was in a hurry to meet me and didn’t have to time take her roses home and it was chilly so she didn’t want to risk leaving them in the car. The waiter brought a pitcher for them to sit in water at our table.

At the end of the meal Mary hugged me and handed me half the bouquet. She was sharing her gift. I was so touched by her giving that I brought my half dozen roses with me to see a friend later that evening. As it was time for us to part I hugged my friend and gave her half of my bouquet and told her the story of Mary Zinn’s giving. Weeks later I encountered that friend again who shared that she was so touched by my giving and the story of Mary Zinn’s giving that she too shared the roses I had gifted to her. She had only three roses so half was not an obvious calculation. She told me she shared the story of her roses with another friend and gifted two of her three roses so that person could also participate in the giving.

I hope I’ve remembered to tell Mary Zinn of the giving that came of her gift, but I don’t recall if I shared it with her or not. Perhaps she’ll read it here through the magic of Facebook. It really is true that our gifts continue to give, and the greatest giving is through the resonating of minds everywhere. home of the gift of Marshall Vian Summers


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