Feeling Dirty on the Inside

There are many people in the world today who feel dirty on the inside. This is a core experience of sexual assault and other related trauma. There are women who have endured this, and men. There are girls who have had these encounters, and boys. These traumas have been at the hands of our fellow humans; and for some of us – hundreds of thousands of us – such trauma has been conducted by non-humans – by extra-terrestrials.

It is hard to believe. Yet it is not a belief. There are extra-terrestrial races intervening in the world today that are abducting people and subjecting them to traumatic procedures. This has been my experience. Perhaps it has been yours as well. Or the experience of someone you know.

Such encounters are hard to talk about. Yet, talking about our experience is what aids in healing trauma. It is the path to becoming whole and free. Free within ourselves and free from the forces that keep us bound and silenced.

This path to freedom includes facing ourselves, our past and what is happening in the world today. The path to freedom requires finding the voice to speak – even to those who cannot believe what we have to say. The freedom path includes a spiritual practice that reunites us with the deepest truth within – that place that is of God and can never be tarnished or damaged. For me, this path to healing has been The New Message from God.

It is my wish to enable all those who can hear to become aware of the extra-terrestrial agenda, its impact on people everywhere, and the revelation from God that addresses this reality.



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