The Greatest Power

It is often said that love is the greatest power. But what is love? Surely love is not the romantic notions of culture and prose, for there is little power in fantasy. Some claim the love of God is the greatest power and surely this has saved countless lives of those who have been able to open their hearts and minds to accept the love of the Creator.

Yet there is a power greater still. That greater power is the love we each have for God. As yet we are afraid of it, if we are aware of it at all. For so great is the power of our love for God that it can move the world.

May we each find this power, feel this love and let it shape us as we are designed. Each uniquely equipped to contribute a specific and necessary gift to this world in great need of gifts, of power, of love.

Inspired by Step 127 in Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers


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