The Roots of Violence

Violence leads to more violence. We see this everyday all around the world. Hate leads to violence. We recognize this in the communication of those who engage in violence publicly. Yet the roots of violence go deeper.

Digging deep for the roots of violence takes us into the soil of emotions and mind. From this place we can uncover opportunity for a new approach to healing violence. My engagement with the Steps to Knowledge, a pathway that teaches how to engage the deeper mind that knows with the social mind that thinks, has led to me a greater understanding of the violence underway in the world.

Following violence down to its source we can see certain patterns and trajectories. Violence leads to more violence. Hate leads to violence. Anger leads to hate. Fear leads to anger. The roots of violence grow in the soil of fear.

People are scared. There is much to fear. The world is changing and there is tremendous loss and uncertainty. Great Waves of Change are moving through the world. Waves of political upheaval and economic decline, waves of environmental devastation and human migration. Waves of fear in the face of these great changes shape the mental environment: the landscapes in which we think, feel, communicate and see. Under the influence of fear our ability to engage in these fundamental activities is heavily influenced and greatly diminished.

There is an opportunity for a new approach to violence when we recognize its tie to fear. We respond to fearful people differently than we react to angry, hateful or violent actions. When we come from a different state of mind that is not driven by fear we can recognize a fear-based reaction in a hateful or angry person and are free to look with compassion, set aside condemnation and respond with clarity. This does not excuse violence, it just returns us to our roots.

Once we recognize fear as the root of violence we can respond from a deeper mind that is not reactionary and fearful but is gracious, effective and clear.

To end violence we must recognize its root in fear and then apply the antidote to fear.

There is an antidote to fear and it is fully developed and readily available. It lives in a different part of the mind. The knowing mind or Knowledge, as it is called in the New Message from God, can tell the difference between perceived fear and actual danger, thereby leaving us free to respond appropriately. The knowing mind can respond to violence, hate, anger and fear in a way that generates positive results and a calming of fear in others while extending that fearless presence out into the world. This is not a denial of fear but a shifting to a different point of awareness, an inner place that is still and objective. This is possible. This is necessary. This is available in taking the Steps to Knowledge.



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